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The correct assessment and contextualization of Big Data (2.5 billion gigabytes per day on the web) represents opportunities for great profits/savings. Its knowledge is fundamental to all those who aim for success and leadership through innovation and information.

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Simple and elegant solutions, inspired by nature´s processes and discoveries in science. Holistic engineering offers a new perspective that helps find answers, improve processes and reach the real potential of your company.

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nature_people Epiconomy

Considering the Economy as the first stage of the human productive cycle and the Diseconomy as the second, leading us to the ideal removal of environmental liabilities, we reach the Epiconomy.

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In the implementation of ingenious solutions, our engineering scope ranges from forest preservation projects to the construction of petrochemical plants.

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With original and many times ingenious solutions, our consulting processes adapt to a variety of productive cycles.

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Our training courses always aim at innovative perspectives. Motivation and confidence as the basis for knowledge.

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