Holistic engineering privileges contextualization to the detriment of the analytical line; Generality, rather than specialization.

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Planck's constant Is Planck's constant.

The name of our company is due to the great admiration for the man and physicist Max Planck.

At the end of the nineteenth century, Planck presented the theory about the Law of Energy Distribution (of the normal spectrum), which marks the beginning of quantum mechanics. His discovery that light propagates in packets of energy (or quanta) instead of a continuous stream (waves) allowed us to go beyond Newton's physics.

In proposing his theory, Max Planck noted that such "packets of energy" oscillate harmoniously and further, each of these radiant atoms has its own oscillation frequency. From this he concluded that the amount of energy absorbed or emitted is always proportional to the frequency of the atoms.

From the outset Planck had been concerned, for he was not sure whether his constant was a physical reality or a mathematical device. The self-imposed pressure to challenge Isaac Newton had him debating the dilemma for two years; because if he were right, classical physics would be wrong. Finally, on December 14, 1900 Planck presented his thesis to the scientific community, laying the cornerstone of quantum mechanics.

In time: Planck's constant = 6,6256x10-34J.s

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