Planck Holistic Engineering

Holistic engineering is the science of crafting ingenious solutions that consider the interrelation between all parts of a whole, that privileges contextualization beyond the analytical line; generality, after specialization.

For example, planning a new facility applying holistic engineering follows the conventional and normative procedures, ranging from viability studies, design to implementation according to the best of standards. When specialization has reached its endpoint, the task becomes to assess the properties of these endpoints, their interrelations, expected performance indicators with a range of probabilistic and contextual tools. Professionals from different areas and experience levels contribute to this stage. A biologist, for example, can bring invaluable contributions linked to biomimetics (solutions and products based on natural processes); a geologist can come up with ideas connected to better usage of the soil; a psychologist can contribute to the life quality of employees; even someone from the maintenance department can contribute with an ingenious idea. Consequently, a project delivers better long-term results; positive integration with the environment, workforce, clients, stakeholders, profitability, and legacy.

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