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Eco-credit generation

ZerO2Nature projects

The Eco-Credit is the evolution of the Carbon Credit. Projects that preserve biodiversity, water reserves, mineral and hydrocarbon reserves, preserve and / or recover forests and optimize productive cycles generate the world's first green currency: DTUcoin.

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HDPE distribution pipelines

Petroleum, alcohol and natural gas derivatives

The distribution of petroleum derivatives through HDPE pipelines began with Planck E. Today, this technique is used in several countries around the world. Among the many advantages, HDPE pipelines are installed in days, instead of the months necessary for the installation of conventional pipelines.

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End User Import of Natural Gas

Natural Gas for Industrial Consumption

Planck E was the first company in Brazil to obtain licenses from the National Petroleum Agency for the import of natural gas to large industrial consumers. At the time, the largest consumers in S?o Paulo paid US $ 6.15 / MMBtu. Planck E was able to bring NG from Bolivia for its clients at US $ 2.90 / MMBtu.

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Power Generation

Power fueled by agricultural waste

Planck E has a patent-pending system for generating electricity with agricultural waste. BTFT or Biomass Treatment and Firing Technology, is a system that generates electric energy and ecological credits simultaneously.

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Fuel Replacement

Energy for Boilers and Industrial Ovens

At Planck E we always search for the most innovative solutions for fuel substitution. As an example, we cite a soluble coffee plant where we used boilers from an old ship and replaced kerosene with coffee waste, ending the company's environmental liabilities and producing power.

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Monitoring of Environments

Monitoring of industrial processes, agriculture, environment and health. We work with wireless sensors in a biomimetic network, inspired by the communication bees.

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The Hygiene of Astronauts

The idea of the ??PLEURASUIT, like every biomimetic product of PLANCK E, started with the observation of the pleura, the skin that covers our lungs. With a comfortable collection and distribution system leading towards a small treatment center within the space suit, human waste is processed and directed to small, hermetically sealed cells, ensuring the hygiene and comfort of the astronaut.

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