Case: HDPE Pipelines


In the mid-1990s, we were contracted by TRANSO Combustíveis for the construction of pipelines linking the client´s distribution base to the Refinery of Planalto (Petrobras) in Paulínia.

Since the installation required passage under the highway linking Cosmopolis to Paulinia, where traffic is quite intense, the costs for the traditional design of carbon steel pipelines would be astronomical and would require a lot of time. Through extensive research, we discovered HDPE (high density polyethylene) pipelines, which were properly adapted to the needs and level of dangerousness for the transportion of petroleum derivatives (petrol and diesel). Through this breakthrough, we have significantly reduced costs; instead of the usual time estimated at three months, this work was done in one week, with zero cost of maintenance and without cathodic protection, since the pipelines are of inert material and have a 50 year guarantee period.

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