Independent Technical Assessment

Planck E performs Independent Technical Assessments (ITA) in specific objectives (Energy and Environmental fields) conducted in businesses all over the world. Currently, our ITA's are geared towards ESG and Greenwashing Assessments, potentially saving millions in lawsuits and fines.

By engaging an independent third-party, free of conflict of interest, to assess a particular area within an organization, objectivity is preserved. What distinguishes different assessments is their purpose, scope of areas assessed, how urgent they are, whether solutions and recommendations are expected and what skills or expertise are required. ITAs include both technical and programmatic or management and business aspects of the situation.

You may request Planck E's "ITA Procedure to Conducting Independent Technical Assessments" for a better understanding of our proposed service or contact us for a customized offer.

The following types of ITAs are performed by Planck E professionals:

Red Holistic Assessment

  • The objective of a Red Holistic Assessment is trouble-shooting. This kind of assessment is often employed when a specific objective has experienced significant unforeseen incidents, or has suspected problems or critical risks that need urgent attention to keep the specific objective on track. For instance, a Red Holistic Assessment might be employed when a specific objective undergoes one or more cost overruns, schedule slips, or performance shortfalls. The purpose of the Red Holistic Technical Expert (RHTE) can be to evaluate what the problem is and/or the source of the problem. In many cases, the RHTE may be asked to determine how the specific objective can best recover. RHTEs are usually on a tight schedule (two to three weeks at most), their existence was not anticipated in the specific objective’s plans and therefore not funded, and they must produce a report quickly to validate risks and propose an approach to alleviate or eliminate the problem.

  • Blue Holistic Assessment

  • Blue Holistic Technical Experts (BHTE) are pro-active experts whose purpose is to prevent problems from occurring. They provide a broad assessment of specific objective health and a plan for meeting a future goal. They are scheduled well in advance of milestones for a specific objective, such as reviews or product deliveries, to give a specific objective time to make the recommended changes to prepare for that event successfully.

  • Baseline or Status Assessment

  • Baseline or status assessments are performed when a specific objective has no immediate concerns. They are similar to Blue Holistic Assessments but do not necessarily anticipate a milestone. Instead, status assessments usually look at a broad set of standard criteria against which the specific objective is measured. For example, ISO standards, Clean Energy standards, Engineering standards, Environment standards might be the yardstick against which the specific objective is measured. The outcome may be a list of best practices to continue, identified risk areas and opportunities for improvement. Status assessments may be repeated periodically to observe changes and to make recommendations based on the current specific objective status.

  • Senior Holistic Review Assessment

  • This assessment is a high level review, often during source selection or at the start of a specific objective. During source selection, such a senior expert has been used to identify shortcomings of each bidder. No recommendations are made that compare the bidders. For a contractor, the recommendations may be a strategic plan, or support for a decision. The experts are usually highly experienced, highly respected experts who can talk to the management of the bidders or contractors about the business and management aspects as well as the general strategy. The assessment is usually very short, often one day for each bidder during source selection.

  • Diamond Technical Assessment

  • This kind of assessment is sharply focused on solving a technical problem or supporting a technical decision. The expert may even be asked to help implement the technical solution.

  • Compliance Assessment

  • This type of assessment is used to determine how well different organizations are implementing a new policy or process. This is useful when multiple organizations must make similar changes in the same general timeframe. The assessment can determine what changes each has made, as well as collect and disseminate the best ways found in practice to introduce the changes.

  • Outcome of Planck E's Independent Technical Assessments
    The outcome of our technical assessments may be any number of the following, depending on the type of assessment performed:

  • Identification of root causes of problems
  • Identification and prioritization of risk areas
  • Contextual evaluations offering fresh perspectives
  • Suggested opportunities for product and/or process improvements
  • Recommendations for technical solutions
  • Recommendations for risk management strategies
  • Highlighting of specific objective successes
  • Highlighting of good practices

  • The main purpose of an ITA performed by Planck E is to mitigate the cost (predictive, preemptive and corrective) of doing business by providing in-depth and contextual evaluations concerning specific objectives involving stakeholders from government agencies (Energy, Environment, Fuels, etc.), Congressional Technical Committees, Ministries, Suppliers, organization's management and employees.

    Planck E ITAs are performed by professionals with over 35 years of experience in the fields of engineering, finance, compliance, energy, marketing, infrastructure and enviornment. Our consultants have PhD-level education and a track record with United Nations sponsored technical assessment programs. Integrity is our core value.

    Please request Planck E's "ITA Procedure to Conducting Independent Technical Assessments" for a better understanding of our proposed service or contact us for a customized offer.


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