The Brazilian Guile

Publishing date: 2023-10-01
Last update: 2023-10-02
Format(s): Paperback and Kindle
Author(s): Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik and Caspar Bensik

The Brazilian Guile

The Brazilian Guile, by UN climate change expert and consultant Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik, is a gripping account of how Brazil's dominant sugarcane sector hijacked the country's political and legal system to implement a government programme to generate fake carbon credits - a US$250 billion scam.

What does the biggest fake carbon credit scandal on the planet have to do with the bankruptcy of institutions and industries in Brazil?


Death threats, persecution, retaliation, demoralization. How the tentacles of the criminal organization led by Fabio Orviedo destroy reputations and perpetuate the corruption of Brazil's administrative, legislative and judicial machines.

This is a story about the power and perils of carbon credits as a transformative tool in the fight against climate change.

The author, Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik, is known for her tireless fight to defend the integrity of carbon credits.  She is also the author of The Science Behind Carbon Credits and their Calculation and Risk Management in the Green Market, both essential reading for government officials, C-level executives, investors and professionals committed to the transparent and effective mitigation of negative emissions.

What does the book The Brazilian Guile answer?

- A story about fraudulent carbon credits
- What is an example of institutional greenwashing?
- How to assess potential scandals in the green markets?
- How to evaluate the veracity of a carbon credit?

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