We westerners had our thinking organized by Aristotle. It was he who in the fourth century BC proposed a logical order of classification of the world, where the conclusions depend - linearly - on certain principles. The Aristotelian syllogism that has regulated our thinking so far is based on the premise: greater premise plus lesser premise equals a conclusion.

The Orientals - on the other hand - think in totalities within wholes. At Planck E, we strive to achiece a balance between analytic and contextual thinking to achieve the best results for our clients.

It is said that the greatest genius of mankind was Leonardo da Vinci and not Einstein. The interesting thing is why: while Einstein excelled in spatial vision, he was weak in German grammar and Math wasn't his strong point either. Weren't it for his wife Mileva, Einstein might have been known today only for his work at the patent office. Leonardo da Vinci, on the other hand, was great as a mathematician, formidable as a physicist, excellent as a physician and brilliant as a painter! Generality brings plurality of thought which strengthens and sophisticates intelligence, while specialization crystallizes thoughts and postures. In time, intelligence is much more the balance of a dancer than the power of a dictator.

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