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Holistic engineering involves an integrated and comprehensive approach to the design, development and optimisation of systems, taking into account not only technical aspects but also factors such as environmental sustainability, ethics and social impact. Holistic engineering is the science of creating solutions that consider the interrelationship of all parts of a whole, privileging contextualisation beyond the analytical line; generality over specialisation.

For example, the planning of a new facility using holistic engineering follows the conventional and normative procedures, from feasibility studies to design and implementation according to the best standards. When specialisation has reached its endpoint, the task becomes one of assessing the characteristics of these endpoints, their interrelationships and expected performance indicators using a range of probabilistic and contextual tools. Professionals from different disciplines and levels of experience contribute to this stage. A biologist, for example, can make valuable contributions related to biomimetics (solutions and products based on natural processes); a geologist can come up with ideas related to better use of soil; a psychologist can contribute to the quality of life of employees; even someone from the maintenance department can contribute with an ingenious idea. As a result, a project delivers better long-term results; positive integration with the environment, employees, customers, stakeholders, profitability and legacy.

Planck E offers the following holistic engineering services

  • Systems Engineering (comprehensive services for the design, development and management of complex systems, ensuring integration across different subsystems and components)
  • Eco-Sustainable Design and Engineering (services focused on creating eco-sustainable solutions, considering life cycle assessment, energy efficiency and the environmental impact of engineering projects)
  • Green Chemistry
  • Green Thermodynamics
  • Ethical Engineering Consulting (guidance on ethical considerations in engineering projects, ensuring responsible decision-making and adherence to ethical standards)
  • Human-Centred Design Services (design methodologies that prioritise the needs and experiences of end users)
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Risk Management Services (identifying, assessing and mitigating potential risks associated with engineering projects)
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration (facilitating collaboration between different engineering disciplines as well as with experts in fields such as economics, social sciences, psychology, physics, etc.)
  • Innovation and Creativity Workshops (promoting innovative thinking and creative problem solving such as our training course "Being Data: Out-of-the-Box Thinking")
  • Training and Education
  • Regulatory and Standards Compliance (helping to navigate and comply with regulatory frameworks and standards, ensuring that projects meet legal and compliance requirements

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Holistic engineering consulting services

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