Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry

Green chemistry, also known as eco-sustainable chemistry, focuses on designing products and processes that minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances and reduce the environmental impact of chemical manufacturing.

Planck E is ready to help you achieve your organization's Green Economy goals by providing consulting services related to the following key principles of Green Chemistry

  • Green Synthesis (various techniques and methodologies used to synthesize chemicals with minimal environmental impact)
  • Design of Safer Chemicals (minimizing toxicity while maintaining functionality)
  • Safer Solvents and Reaction Conditions
  • Renewable Feedstocks
  • Less Hazardous Chemical Synthesis
  • Catalysis (improving reaction rates, reducing the need for higher temperatures/pressure/energy)
  • Design for Degradation (ensuring that products break down into innocuous substances after use)
  • Real-Time Control for Pollution Prevention (e.g. PFAS)
  • Safer Chemistry for Accident Control
  • Personnel Training

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Green Chemistry consulting services

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ZerO2Nature and the Monetization of Diseconomies: Chemical Industry

ZerO2Nature and the Monetisation of Diseconomies
by P. Tomasi-Bensik and H.C. Bensik
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