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The course lecturer Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik is recognized by the UNCC (United Nations Climate Change) as an expert in CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) carbon credits.

Eco-Sustainability, including CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) are standards that organizations, all over the globe, can no longer ignore. At the same time, opportunities in creating value out of the demand for eco-sustainable solutions need to be correctly appraised and explored, for they will define the future of any business in the next 20 years.

Eco-Sustainability and the Green Economy - Introduction

Eco-sustainability and the Epiconomy - Introduction

Duration: 8 hours

"Eco-sustainability and the Epiconomy - Introduction" is aimed at those who want to learn about the green market and detect business opportunities in this area. The participant will become familiar with how the system for the generation and retirement of ecological credits functions and obtain a broad and clear view of the green market. This executive training serves as a perfect gateway to the world of green economy possibilities.

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Eco-sustainability and the Green Economy - Advanced

Eco-sustainability and the Epiconomy - Advanced

Duration: 12 hours

To expand their knowledge on the green economy, participants will get to grips with ESG issues, become aware of specific tools for carrying out inventories, projects, and environmental audits, be able to develop corporate ESG strategies, receive intelligence on and guidance to monitor the latest market trends in eco-sustainability, learn how to monetize eco-sustainable activities within a business, become familiar with international standards on eco-sustainability reporting and carbon credit generation, and comprehend how to operate in the carbon market.

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Eco-sustainability and the Green Economy - Immersion

Eco-sustainability and the Epiconomy - Professional

Duration: 20 hours

The course "Eco-sustainability and the Epiconomy - Professional" is a junction between "Eco-sustainability and the Epiconomy - Introduction" and "Eco-sustainability and the Epiconomy - Advanced" . After completing this immersion successfully, the participant will be prepared to engage in the green market and access the skills necessary for developing, positioning, and implementing knowledge on eco-sustainability, communicating this correctly with all the relevant internal and external stakeholders of the business. This includes a clear understanding of eco-sustainability in relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, a very consistent approach regarding climate change, and all initiatives regarding negative emissions, including reductions of carbon.

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